Legal Translation

A perfect mastery of the stakes involved in legal translation

Legal translation has a very specific issue: the application of the rule of law concerned by the translation. However, many terms and concepts are specific to a legal culture and have no direct equivalent in the legal culture of the target language. In order to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations, the legal translator must therefore carry out a comparison of the two legal systems. This specificity makes law one of the most difficult subjects to translate.

A targeted translator profile for each legal translation project

Whether it involves the translation of legal texts, contracts or sentences, our native and qualified translators are rigorously selected according to their competence to meet the translation of your legal document.

The diversity of the different profiles of our legal translators, each specialised in a specific field, enables our translation agency to provide you with high quality services in all branches of legal translation.

Example of legal documents that we translate:

Legal acts


Articles of Law



Arbitral Awards

Application circulars

Memoranda of Understanding



Commercial contract

Articles of Association

Shareholder’s agreement



Assembly Resolutions



Business Litigation

Court Litigation

Commercial Law

Employment law

Real estate law

Corporate Taxation